About Menlo Technical

A boutique IT Consulting firm, Menlo Technical brokers complex IT projects, allowing enterprises to outsource IT services for its clients. We specialize in corporate IT network security, database purchasing, development and brokering, information protection, cloud strategies and virtualization. We work with clients who lack budget for full time IT employees or IT departments needing resources for current technology changes and improvements.

While internal IT departments may have expertise, companies lack time and money to help their IT staff stay up to date on major security issues that effect company secrets and intellectual property. Hiring a Menlo Technical IT Consultant to assist in planning and purchasing of security improvements, network upgrades and broker newer enterprise technologies; ERP, POS and CRM will reduce IT budgets by hiring on a per project basis without the overhead of a full time employee. We can save your enterprise significant time and money so your enterprise can take advantages of modern technologies. Without this kind of advocacy, businesses can suffer great hidden costs.  It is not realistic for enterprises to shop around for an ERP or CRM database without being over-sold systems with additional features that require more system administration. This is especially true for data security, backup solutions or corporate databases – adding costly budget provisions.

Contact us today and find out how we can assist in helping your company use technologies that can make a difference to your workflow and security.